SMS messages disappeared on changing phones

  • 24 March 2020
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Transferred SIM from old Motorola to new Xiaomi phone. SMS history has disappeared. iD Mobile app has moved over OK but associated Messaging one hasn’t. SMS are being handled by Android Messages app pre-installed in new phone. Is there a way to resurrect the original Messaging app data?

2 replies

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Yes, did it via Google Account. When first used iD Mobile on Moto, iD Messaging app appeared beside pre-installed Moto Messaging, so uninstalled Moto one.  No separate app appeared this time. Will try your suggestion. Thanks.

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Hey @papasmurf 


How did you transfer this data from Moto to Xiaomi? Was it using Google Account? Are you sure that both phones are using exactly the same messaging app? 


Another option is to use third party app from Play Store that has been designed to backup and restore SMS. One of these apps is here which seems pretty genuine with 10 million downloads and 107k reviews. 


Kind Regards