Time to move away from Apple?

  • 4 March 2019
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Looking for honest feedback.

Ive been an Apple iphone person literally since they came out.
The last one that I bought however was an iphone 7+.

With all the improvements that have come along since then, is it worth me sticking with Apple, or time to kick some dirt in the face of them and go Andriod....

The S10 looks inpressive, however the XS looks as good.
Im still tempted to cut the umbilical cord that keeps me tied to Apple.

Would appreciate your thoughts !!

1 reply

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Hi @Teefer29

Only thing that worries me here is how much your rely on iCould for getting your data transferred across different Apple devices. Many people stick to Apple because this feature. If you decide to get a Samsung device you could still use Google Drive to move your data across different devices but hassle of getting all data moved from iCould to Drive might be a big one.

However if you are still willing to move to Android I would welcome you with open arms. I am Android user since the beginning and have never used Apple because I hate how closed and limited in customisation these devices are. Samsung Galaxy s10 is going to be amazing phone with really nice design and top notch performance you should be very impressed with its quality. Manufacturer also introduced new user interface on top of Android called One UI, which improves overall design and streamline all the features into easy to use handset. You should not have to much trouble adjusting to new ways of interacting with your new potential phone and you will get ability to customize your widgets, themes, wallpaper, home settings and even change launchers.

I hope it will help you a little bit to make one and good decision 😁

Kind Regards