WIFI calling not working Samsung S7 Edge

I see a lot of similar topics.
New ID mobile SIM in s7 edge (previously with Vodafone and phone unlocked). WIFI calling always worked with Vodafone, required as coverage in house poor.
Many, many conversations with id support service who cannot sort (they say enabled) - also apparently getting a call back from tech support within 2-3 days with solution (promised before).
Aware may be firmware issue, so phone has been flashed to BTU open source firmware and latest available update (Oreo). SIM from Vodafone activates WIFI calling, but with Id sim, no option to do same.
Any ideas from anyone? Not all impressed with ID support.

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Hello @koconnor1977,

Sorry to hear you're having issues, besides the obvious point you've already being made that the handset would have incompatible firmware, we're not sure what else we can suggest. If the TechTeam are already investigating this, we're hoping that they can further assist to provide a solution. If you do manage to get a solution, be sure to let us know what this was here.

Understand but have actively removed the potentially incompatible firmware and replaced with open source firmware. Surely that should be enough? Would it be as simple as I'd mobile sending carrier settings to allow it to work?
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Hey @koconnor1977

I will share my experience with WiFi calling on id mobile with you. So I have had Xperia XZ1 Compact that was originally from EE. WiFi Calling was not working when I unlocked and inserted id mobile sim. So I have decided to install unbranded official firmware and I had no luck with getting it to work. Then I was like, let's try O2 branded one. That was the cure to my situation. To conclude, if I would be you I would keep flashing different firmware version until you get one that works with id mobile and wifi calling .

Kind Regards