wifi calling on unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10e

  • 6 November 2019
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Hi all,

I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S10e from a third party. It is completely unlocked. If I transfer to an iD mobile sim only contract, will wifi calling from this device be possible? (Wondering as it was not purchased directly from iD). Are there any providers other than EE who do not insist on you buying Android phones directly from them in order to use wifi calling?


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2 replies

The phone was never locked to a network and purchased from the carphone warehouse if this is any help.

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Samsung Galaxy S10e is on the list of compatible devices to work with WiFi Calling. You can check it here. There is a setting hidden in the "Phone" app to enable it, official tutorial can be found here.


I change phones very often and I had Galaxy A40 for a short while. It did work with iD Mobile WiFi Calling feature but it was purchased in Poland.


Since you bought your phone in Carphone Warehouse you are in a perfect situation as they can help you set it up in case if you run into any problems as iD Mobile and Carphone belong to the same family. :-)


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