Xiaomi Mi9se will not connect to iD network

  • 17 July 2019
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Bought my daughter her first phone and what a fantastic phone it is. Having used Xiaomi on o2 with no problems for the past two years I thought this would be the same with her new phone. Got her an iD contract to put in the phone but no matter what I do it doesn't work. I put the APN settings and getting a signal as soon as it boots up but it is almost like the operator is blocking the phone? It will show the iD network, signal and 4g for a few seconds then disappear. I can repeat this by restarting the phone every time so I am connecting. My o2 sim and the wifes 3 sim works absolutely flawless in this new phone how ever cannot get the iD sim to work at all.


3 replies

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Hi Adam,
This sounds like an odd issue, have you also tested the new iD SIM in other phones to confirm it's ok?

If you look in Settings, Mobile Networks, you should be able to search for networks manually, see what can be found and connect to iD Mobile if available.

Yes it works in an old Motorolla G4 which is a phone that was bought in the UK. Both my Chinese phones it doesn't work in so I guess iD mobile is not compatible with these phones?

When i try and search for iD mobile manually it doesn't show anything but shows all the major networks (Vodafone, o2, 3, EE)

These are the APN settings I put into the phone.

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iD runs on the Three network so if you see it there, try to connect.

It's possible that the Xiaomi can't tell the difference but the connection should still go ahead.