iD Community News and Updates - March 2021 | Join the discussion, ask questions, share advice.

iD Community News and Updates - March 2021

  • 25 February 2021
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iD Community News and Updates - March 2021
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Want to discover all the latest updates and improvements to the Community? Read on…

Here at iD, we’re always looking to make the Community experience better. From seasoned Community members, to newbies looking for the best answer to their question, we’re striving to create a forum that’s fun and engaging, clear and easy to use.

We also want to make sure that you, our brilliant Community members and heroes, know about all the incoming changes as they happen. So, starting this month, we’re going to post monthly updates on the new features we’ve added to the Community to make it even better. So, what’s new?


See how you rank

Want to see how close you are to becoming an iD Community Superhero, or if others are on your level? Now you can. Check out the leader board widget and see how you’re doing against the next 100 Community members. There are two leader boards – one for points, and the other for badges.

So, if you’ve got badges for your specialist knowledge on all things Android, or if you’re an iPhone guru, all that knowhow counts! Share your wisdom with the Community and fast-track your way to the top of the leader boards.


Got the answer you need? Don’t forget say thanks!

When you post a question on the iD Community, the chances are that someone else is looking for the same answers as you. If you get the answer you’re after from one of our helpful iD members, be sure to mark it as helpful. Not only does it encourage community spirit, but it also helps others find the solution faster if they come across the same issue.

Don’t worry if you rush to fix the issue that prompted the question and forget to say thanks – we’ll send you a friendly reminder by email to rate the most hopeful answer.


Rate the content you see

Whether it’s an article about how to access a certain feature on your smartphone, or our take on the best apps of a certain genre, give us your feedback!

At the bottom of each page, you’ll see three emojis. Simply tap on the one that best describes how helpful you found the content to add to the article’s ‘content helpfulness score’. This not only tells us if the content was useful to you, but also gives us get a better idea of what kind of content you want to see.


Switching networks? Find all your info in one place

Are you switching to iD Mobile or moving to another network? We’ve made it much easier to get all the info you need. Check out our new Cancellations category, with informative content on all things to do with switching. whether you’re leaving your old number behind, bringing it with you, or simply cancelling your iD Mobile plan, we’ve got you covered with a dedicated area on the iD Community.


Those are all the changes we’ve made on the iD Mobile Community recently. We’ll keep you updated when we plan to add new features, so you’re always in the know. What would you like to see here in the future? Tell us below!

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