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Ported in number not changed on system

  • 27 March 2020
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When I joined ID i ported in my number and everything went well. I am now using the ported in number with no problems. However on my account the old number is still showing many months later. I am now unable to change my plan as the system thinks I am still on the old number (which I presume no longer exists) and gives me an error message. Is there any way the system can update my number to the one I am now using?


5 replies

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Hello @kennif,


Are you checking the number in the iD app/account?


Or is this the number showing in your phone settings?


The app should show the ported number.

Can you clarify if you’re logging into the app with the correct iD account?




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Thanks for replying.

Yes, the number showing in the ID app and account is the original number I was given when I first signed up and not the one I ported in and am currently using. Yes I am logging in with correct account (I only have one) and the usage on my actual number is correctly shown on the account. Everything is working as it should except for the wrong number showing in the app and account which is preventing me from upgrading my plan.

Many thanks.


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That’s very odd indeed.


We’ll need to look into what could be causing this.


Could you email us so we can pick this up for you?


Include your Community username kennif and a link to this topic.


If possible a screenshot of the app screen also.



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Thanks Mohammed.

Email sent.


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Problem is now fixed :grinning:

Many thanks to you Mohammed and the guys on the Tech team.



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