Transferring a data add-on

  • 24 April 2020
  • 9 replies

I just want to know how I can transfer the data add on to my son’s phone!

9 replies

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Hello @CathyBalcer 


Unfortunately at this moment there is no way to transfer add ons between users. Each add on can be used only by the user that purchased it. Unless you bought it by mistake then you could request a refund on yours if add on hasn't been used and buy it your son's account. 


Kind Regards 


The app is linked to my son’s phone… it’s on his account but it’s not showing on his actual phone.

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Hi @CathyBalcer 

Was the add-on purchased on your son’s iD mobile number using the app? 



I was trying add more data, its hard can anyone know how to add more data? 

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Hi there @Selavarasa 

Do you have your iD Mobile account registered?  If not, please do so on our website.

Then you can log in to your account on either our website or through the iD Mobile App.

Within the iD Mobile App there will be a place within there where you can select a data add-on and the costs associated with purchasing each etc.


One thing to note though.  If you find yourself running out of data quite often each month.  Then it might be worth looking at doing a Plan Change.  See for a quid or two more a month you might be able to get more data that way each month for much less than a one-time add-on would cost you see.


Any further questions, just let us know here.

I already registered, I couldn't able to download the app to my mobile, i need at least 2gb data for week, I was trying to call you but I can't reach anyone. Can you please add 2gb data to my mobile. 

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Unfortunately we can’t do it from here specifically @Selavarasa 

Though you should be able to do this I believe by logging in to your account on our website.


Separately.  You would be able to technically install the iD Mobile App on any device (a tablet for instance) if you didn’t have space on your phone yet wanted to use the app.

You all are not helping, because I downloaded the app from my android once is installed when I put my login details I am not able to login. Its says wrong details same details when I put it in the site I can login. 

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Hello @Selavarasa,

Double check you are entering the details correctly or try resetting the password. It’s possible that the details are saved via the website and you’re entering the wrong details in the app.

The app and account via the website use the same details.