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24-month SIM Only plans are here

  • 23 June 2021
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24-month SIM Only plans are here
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Whether you’re reaching the end of your contract, moving on from Pay as you go, or simply want to bag yourself a top deal on data, minutes and texts for the long run, now you can.

For the first time ever, iD Mobile are offering 24-month SIM Only deals – and they’re not to be missed.

You'll spend much less each month than a standard ‘phone contract' because you won't also be paying for the handset itself. However, you'll need to have a phone to put the SIM in or purchase one that's ‘SIM-free' to put the SIM into.


Be careful that your phone isn't locked to a different network from your SIM or you won't be able to use it. Ofcom have announced that the practice of locking handsets from UK mobile networks is to be banned from December 2021, so soon you won't have to worry about that, and several networks already only sell unlocked handsets.


Picking the perfect plan:


Pick your perfect ‘24-month SIM Only’ plan with iD Mobile, and we’ll give you all the minutes and texts you could ever need, no matter which deal you choose. But that’s not all.

We know that data is the key factor in any SIM deal, and it’s important that everyone’s able to stay connected. We’re offering a seriously tempting 30 GB data, unlimited texts and minutes for just £10 a month. That’s enough data for over two whole days of streaming on Netflix. Not bad!

But of course, some people might need a bit more data, and others may not need as much. That’s why our full 24-month SIM Only range has something for everyone. If you’re a modest data user, £8 a month gets you 8 GB data (that’s 4 full days of Spotify streaming).

Or, maybe you want to be able to play games, download movies, and WhatsApp call your mates whenever, wherever. Not a problem. We’ll give you unlimited (as in stream, play, WhatsApp call as much as you like) data for only £15 a month. Wow!

Here are all our new 24-month SIM Only plans:


Monthly Cost


Minutes and Texts

















5G is available as standard with all our SIM-Only deals; all you need is a 5G enabled device and check to see whether your device has been approved for use on our network. We’re adding new devices all the time and you can check which devices have been approved already here

So, if your device is on the list, you can treat yourself to a bargain SIM with unlimited, super-fast, 5G data, locked in at a great deal for two years. Sorted.

At these prices, anyone and everyone can be connected. Starting from just £6 a month for 4 GB data and unlimited minutes and texts, it’s even worth having a second line! Tell your friends and family, you don’t see deals like this every day.

Take a look at iD Mobile’s SIM deals online.

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Lovely, are these 24-month contracts fixed price, for the duration of the contract?

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Hey @andewhite They sure are :)


If you have an existing monthly contract what sim free deals can you get for a second mobile? 


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