iPhone 15 vs Nothing Phone 2

  • 26 January 2024
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iPhone 15 vs Nothing Phone 2
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Apple’s latest smartphone – the iPhone 15 – is already being challenged by a new kid on the block. The Nothing Phone 2 has been dubbed ‘the iPhone killer’. Sounds kind of dramatic, right? Well, there’s some truth in it. These are two super speedy, powerful phones packed with all the latest mobile tech. Making this a heavyweight phone clash for the ages!

So, we’re here to see how the pair stack up against each other. We’ve picked out a few of their biggest advantages to find out what makes them tick. Hopefully our handy comparison will help you to make the right call…

iPhone 15

Does Apple’s latest need much of an introduction? The iPhone is one of the most popular handsets for a reason…

  • More battery

When it comes to longer battery life, the iPhone 15 takes this one. If you’re away from a plug socket all day – or, god forbid, you left your charger at home – it’ll easily last a full day without needing a top up. So, you can stream your favourite shows, beat your high score, and listen to a load of tunes. But still have plenty of juice leftover too!

  • Improved brightness

We love the sun as much as the next guy. But it can be a right pain when you’re trying to see what’s happening on your phone. Luckily the iPhone 15 has a seriously high peak brightness of 1644 nits. Even when the sun’s beaming down on it, everything stays nice and clear. Meaning if you’re sat by the pool on your summer holiday, it won’t get in the way of your eBook or the playlist you’re trying to make.

  • IP68 protection

Just dropped your iPhone in the paddling pool? Don’t go off the deep end. Apple have given the iPhone 15 a waterproof body, with an IP68 design that means it can easily survive a quick dip and splashes from the kids. Phew.

  • 4K video on the front camera

If you fancy yourself as the next big YouTuber, then the 4K front facing camera will make your vlogs look even better. And if you’re just a regular average Joe, video calls will get the star treatment too.

  • Software support

Apple have come out and told us that they’re committed to supporting the iPhone 15 with updates for the long term. That means you’ll get all the latest security improvements and fun features for the foreseeable. And that’s great news, because you won’t feel like you have to upgrade every year just to keep up!


Nothing Phone 2

What’s the Nothing Phone 2 got going for it then? Well, definitely not nothing. There’s plenty to like about it…

  • Bigger screen

For a start, its screen is a real looker. It’s 0.6 inches bigger than the iPhone 15. So, if you want to make everything you watch or play even more immersive, it’s a great shout. It’ll definitely help to take those long morning commutes to the next level!

  • Higher refresh rate

Speaking of gaming, the display is also rocking a 120 Hz refresh rate. That means your gameplay is going to be silky smooth, and your in-game actions will be way more responsive. This can be the difference between victory and defeat in those fast-paced multiplayer arenas, where your reactions need to be lightning fast to win. After all, every millisecond counts.

  • Extra CPU cores

Most of us use our phones for pretty much everything nowadays. Texting mates. Sending work emails. Doing a bit of online shopping. And if you’re anything like us, that means you’ve probably got a gazillion different apps and tabs open at once too.

The Nothing 2 will make light work of all that though. With extra CPU cores, this thing is a multitasking machine. Zip back and forth between even the chunkiest, power-hungry apps – all without lag. Swap from that facetime call with your nan to the holiday you’re in the middle of booking. Then check the weather over in Spain before your trip, and pop back to finish your conversation. There’ll be no slowdown in sight!

  • Better charging wattage

Watts that? Higher wattage charging you say? Nice. The 45W charging function makes the Nothing 2 charge in a flash. So, you don’t have to wait around for ages twiddling your thumbs while your phone’s charging. Letting you spend more time doing the fun stuff.


Which of the two phones do you think you’ll pick up? Let us know in the comments down below.

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Would be easier to choose the better phone if you’d put the spec of each side by side

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Hi @Hog,

Welcome to the Community!

The link below may be helpful with your comparison.


I use the site to compare handsets when I’m looking for a new phone and can’t decide.



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Hi Kash

thank you, very helpful and a great site to remember. 
many thanks. 

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Hi @Hog 


No worries, let us know if you need help with anything else in picking a new phone.



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I am happy with my Motorola Moto g73

If I were thinking of buying one of those phones I would probably go for the nothing 2 at £200 less than the Iphone, at £549 it’s a steal 

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Hello all I recently got a good deal with ID Mobile with the Nothing Phone 2 and Unlimited data over 2 year's. 

I have had the NP2 (Nothing Phone 2) since the beginning of January 2024. The device had Android 13 OS (almost a pure Android OS as used by Pixel devices).  After 2 weeks or so I upgraded the OS to Android 14, this phone has been my daily use for personal use. While I have used iPhone mainly for work purposes and other brands of Android devices Samsung, Honor, Huawei and Sony flagship devices my personal view is the NP2 is an excellent device. 

It's not and bar far a flagship device nor in my opinion a iPhone killer or Samsung killer come to that.

Without going into my personal background I'm a customer just like most members on here, so back to the Nothing Phone 2. I personally look for the following thing's when purchasing a device.

My needs are does the device cover the radio band's that I require. 

Does the device have enough storage and ram memory. 

Size and weight and has to be at least dual sim with an option for additional micro sd card storage (which the Nothing Phone 2 has not). 

Camera does the phone take decent enough photographs lastly regularly OS updates. 

I've installed my needed apps on this device and 6 weeks of continuous using and counting I'm completely happy with the phone. I've push the phone to it's limits for my personal use with a single sim card or two sim card video streaming etc etc. 

The OS is a pleasure to use totally different to Samsung, Huawei, etc etc even One+One as a Android device.

The whole operation is a joy once you overcome the native user interface it's second nature. 

I'm not going to lie there are some issues with the Nothing Phone 2 most of which I have not experienced but have been pointed out on the Nothing forum. I have been working with Nothing Technical department on ways to improve, and iron out bug's that I have encountered and I've made suggestions to improve the device, and their doing their best in the background on improving the experience of the device.

While this phone works as intended and beyond for me it may well not for other as I've witnessed on Nothing forum. Having said that every brand has their problems and a start-up company like Nothing now 3 year's in the business they have done well with their limited financial resources and R&D.

Oh yes I just remembered I've failed to mention the Glyph lights on the back. Personally it's not something for myself, I've placed a full cover case on my NP2 without the cutouts for the Glyph light interface.

While it's hard to find a source so you can physically use the device in hand many outlets had the phone locked up in armoured security so one could not physically use the phone in hand before committing into a purchase. 

The iPhone a good device and beats the Nothing Phone 2 out the box in the camera and photos department. 

If you're looking to take professional photos get the iPhone or other brand devices or better still get a professional camera for this purpose.

Photos I've taken on the Nothing Phone 2 on default settings have been amazing. 

It's not a iPhone killer nor is it a flagship phone. It's a decent Pixel like device and very reliable to date. While I felt it was a bit expensive it's far cheaper than the big boy's. 

Just a side note while I have other devices and sim cards on different networks the Nothing Phone 2 radio receiver and transmitter are why superior over Samsung, and even iPhone. While having used my sim cards in Samsung or iPhone the signal strength and reading has been less or worse than when the same sim cards have been in the Nothing Phone 2 in the same location.

Would I recommend this hell yes all in all a decent reliable device for evey day's use. Note this phone is not fully waterproof like the iPhone or other brands out there.

Battery use it all depends on your use 1or 2 sim card installed, phone settings like screen brightness settings, open apps, streaming the list is endless. But I found the battery once fully charged up with my daily active it served me very well with plenty of juice in the tank left without charging.

The image with the iPhone and Nothing Phone actually showing the Nothing Phone 1 and not the Nothing Phone 2. 

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It seems to be great phone