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cant send message with iD - error 0 (Android)


I recently replaced my sons Iphone 8 with a Galaxy S21, swapping my ID Mobile SIM between the two… 

On the Galaxy S21 i am able to receive messages however am unable to send, getting the following error when i try.

`Cant Send message with iD - error 0` 

All help gratefully received!

Kind Regards



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Hey @ArCee 

Could you check for me, in the settings of your Messages app if your Message Centre is set to +447782000800 and update it if it's wrong? 

Let me know if that solved the issue for you so we could look for further assistance. 


Kind Regards


Hi Gregor

The message center looks like its set to 07782000800, however is grayed out so I cant update it with the +44 UK code,





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Hello @ArCee

Try calling the number *#*#4636#*#* then scrolling down to the SMSC number and clicking refresh.

I’m not sure if you can update it this way but if you are given the option then try.




Hi Mohammed,

Dialing that gave the following error `connection problem or invalid MMI Code`… i did re-check the SMSC on the vague chance something had happened, however it remained the same





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Hi @ArCee 

I have just tried the following with my own Samsung S21 and was able to get into the Message centre number. 

Tap on Messaging > 3 dots right hand corner > Settings > More settings > Text Messages > Message centre > Please enter +447782000800



Hi Mohsin,

Initially i was launching `messages` clicking the 3 dots > selecting settings > advanced and the SMSC was greyed out but set to `07782 0008000`

Post your message, i have stumbled upon 2 installed apps both names `messages`… one with 3 dots in its icon and one with 3 lines

launching the one with 3 dots in the icon, i can get as far as > Settings > More settings > Text Messages, however that is `greyed out`, so i cant drill down any further

launching the one with 3 lines, has no `more settings` option  and was what i was initially looking at

Performing a search on the phone for `Message Centre`, did allow me to view and change the setting, however i can confirm it is already set to +447782000800, i also tried deleting in and re-entering however still no joy trying to send messages:-(


Yay!.. finally some luck

Whilst composing the above message, I asked my son to try and SMS a different contact on his phone, this worked successfully, however when he tried again to SMS me, it failed again with the same error .

Post some further tinkering - deleting all his unsent messages to me, removing me as a contact and then re-adding, he was finally able to get an SMS to go through (it must have cached something somewhere) 

Many thanks to Mohsin, Mohammed & Gregor for taking time to reply and helping get the issue fixed

Kind Regards


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Aw fab! I am glad to hear it all got sorted Chris!

I have this issue but none of the above worked for me it is only 1 number i cant message. 

Ive gone through the settings they are ok. Ive tried deleting messages and clearing cache and deleting the contact etc but no joy. 

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Hi @Adam Hornby,


If it’s just the one number, it may be an issue on the receivers end. Have you asked them if they're having issues receiving numbers from anyone else?



Why iD Mobile?