Dead battery

  • 2 August 2018
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Hello everyone. Had my contract with ID mobile for 3 years now, windows phone.. The
battery appears to have died and is not charging from the original charger or slow charger. A week or
so now.
Attempted to charge again and phone swelled lightly and cracked screen. Will ID replace the handset?
Have been unable to use phone for over a week. Have tried contacting via the web chat but it is
continually busy.
Thank you if you give any advice.. Failing that I will ring on another phone when available.

1 reply

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Hello @Uma,

If a handset is within warranty, we'd usually point you to your local Carphone Warehouse store for this to be assessed further by an agent.

If there's a crack/damage to the handset, this would usually prevent us from booking in for a warranty repair.

You can pop in-store for a more definitive answer, however, it's most likely we would not be able to offer a repair on this handset if it's been damaged.