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Debt incorrectly added, affecting credit rating directly.

  • 18 January 2021
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I would like to be contacted regarding the “short-term debt” in the sum of £8 that ID Mobile seems to have instigated for my account in December which is directly affecting my credit score to a severe extent. I left ID mobile recently and to my knowledge there has been no such outstanding balance while my direct debit has been kept open so that you can deduct  the £0.04 which is the last outstanding balance. However ID mobile seems to have merged two payments into one and then somehow that “short-term debt” has appeared out of nowhere. This has to be rectified as soon as possible as the impact of what is clearly a mistake on your part is affecting my everyday living.


Thank you.


PS. Your live chat services are extremely temperamental as they seem to be working perhaps one day of the week for me. So I am currently unable to speak to one of your advisers about this issue.

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Hi @spyretto,


Do you still require assistance with this?



Why iD Mobile?