ending old id contract and transferring old phone number to new id contract

Hi. My son currently has a samsung phone and we have just bought him an iphone 7. As the call centres and support lines are currently closed, could anybody please tell me how to cancel his old contract and get his old phone number transferred to his new sim/phone? Thank you

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Hi @becks175 

All the details you need can be found here.



My contract ends on the 12th of may and I want to end that and get a new sim contract with the same number. How can I do this?

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Hello @Suba,


Log into the iD App/account


Click “My Account” then click “Upgrade” and find “SIM Only” from the options.

Then select the plan you want and you’ll be upgraded to a SIM-only plan.


A new SIM will be sent which you can activate and keep the number for.



I’m having problem using the pac code sent to me by id. I have a old id number that I need to transfer to my new id sim/phone. 

Ive filled out the form correctly for the pac code but an error message is displayed saying we’ve tried processing it but the information does not match. 

Can this be resolved for me by id.




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Hi @Abdullah haider,


We don’t accept our own PAC codes, as those wanting a new plan but have an existing one have the option of upgrading.


Your options now are to cancel the new plan and upgrade the existing one that you want to keep the number for, or port out the desired to a different network so that a PAC can be obtained from the other network and then the number ported into your new plan.


If you need any further assistance with either of these issues, please let us know and we’ll be happy to provide it.




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