How popular are WhatsApp groups?

  • 23 December 2018
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I use WhatsApp quite a lot... I'm in groups for work, groups for family, groups for friends - it's hard to keep track sometimes!

How many groups are you in? Is it mostly for work, or is it more personal? I'm expecting some big numbers here!


3 replies

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I have 5 different family groups being In-laws, direct family, all my cousins and siblings, the close younger cousins and then several just for groups of friends!

Just have to be careful not to say the wrong thing on the wrong group 😅

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Yeah, all these WhatsApp groups that people added me to. 3 groups different for family and friends, 5 different groups for works, 5 extra groups for some extra projects after work. It is useful feature but it just starting to be to much 😃
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WhatsApp groups are a great source for memes and a great way to make plans with friends I find.

It has also been a great way to keep up to date with friends I don't get to see too often in my everyday life too.