How to block text messages without numbers

  • 25 March 2021
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Please let me know how to block unwanted text/SMS messages without numbers. 7726 does not work as there are no numbers. It is quite distressing. Thanks.

5 replies

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Hi @PGale,

Blocking an anonymous sender of an SMS will depend on whether or not the phone allows this feature, it cannot be done at the network level I’m afraid. Which phone have you got and have you tried to block it already through the settings?


Hello Ryan

I have Samsung A10.  I can block messages with phone numbers but these numbers from organisations have no numbers.  Their attention is unsolicited and I have told them to stop but they continue to send messages. I have also tried 7726 but they need a phone number.  Any other ideas?Thanks

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Hi @PGale 

These may potentially be marketing texts from a company/business you may have a marketing subscription with. We can only advise you to unsubscribe from any marketing emails which you do not require as they may include your mobile number too.


Ok. Many thanks.

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You’re most welcome, @PGale! The team wishes you a pleasant weekend :)

Thank you,