How to get ID SIM working in tablet

  • 10 August 2019
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I have an iD SIM and it's working in my phone for calls and data. I have a non branded tablet that accepts 2 x SIM so I inserted my iD SIM in to the Tablet. It detects the SIM and identifies the carrier as 3, but it says there is no mobile data.

I tried a O2 SIM in the tablet and it worked fine - I could use data and make calls using the tablet with the O2 SIM.

So why does the iD SIM not work?

What can I do to make it work?

The tablet runs on Android 8


2 replies

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Hey @Winwell

I believe this could have something to do with APN configuration.

Insert your iD Sim then go to settings -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names

You should have there iD settings, if you don't then you would need to add them to the tablet.

To add them I would recommend you to follow this link as it explains it very well.

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I tried all that - adding a new APN - but it still only offers me the option of the default network which is THREE. I can't select iD. It works with other SIMs so I am at a loss.

I took it to a local Carphone Warehouse and he couldn't get it to work either