I need to order a new sim. Can you help please

  • 5 June 2021
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Can you please tell me how to order a new sim please


3 replies

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Hi @tomc22 ,


We can certainly assist you further here.

Are you wanting to place a new order for a new SIM deal or request a replacement SIM card for an existing contract?



Hi, this is a replacement sim for an existing account.  current /sim is damaged


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Hi @tomc22 

Our Live Chat | iD Mobile Network Team here is the best place to request a replacement sim.  I have tested the Live Chat app and can confirm after seeing the chat BOT I was able to get through to an advisor. Once you entered your name, mobile number, and reason for the chat, you will be transferred to the iD chatbot, at this point just type in the word ‘Agent’ and you will get put through to an advisor who can assist you. We’re also contactable via Facebook and Twitter if you use those platforms. If you have trouble using those services then please let us know here and we’ll offer further support.