• 10 July 2019
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Hi. I can't turn off mobile data on my son's phone. We have unlimited WiFi in our house. He has logged on to the WiFi successfully. How can he have used 55mb of mobile data in one morning? Also my WiFiaccount has numerous blocked sites for safety such as Daily Mail but when i check on scout the browser he has full access to that site. So this phone is less secure than a standard one. Also youtube will not use our wifi but always switches to wifi

1 reply

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Hello @Dad1966,

Have you tried contacting Monqi for some support on the handset, they should be able to help give you a step by step guide for some of this.

When you say "Also youtube will not use our wifi but always switches to wifi" we didn't quite understand this.
Did you mean it's defaulting to Mobile data?

Please note, if you access the iD app via Mobile data then 50MB of data will be 'reserved' thus showing a slightly higher usage.
If you close this and access only via WiFi, you'll see that the 50MB is returned.

It's just the way the app was developed.

Check out this topic on the Monqi forums: