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Number not transferring

My number was meant to transfer on Friday 29th April. I am still unable to make calls or texts as neither number is connecting and your live chat team is absolutely useless. You’re quick to take the first payment out but have been utterly useless at sorting this problem!! I have been told tech support is dealing with it but heard nothing back and when talking to live chat again they have no idea what’s going on and can’t check previous chat history?? 


ID number 07361 211949 that won’t connect and neither will my old number that was transferred by BT. BT have told me the error is on your end. 


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It sounds like a failed or split port Rebecca.

The turnaround time to fix a failed or split port issue is 72 hours. iD Mobile will need contact the BT porting team who will pass on any missing files, iD Mobile can then complete the port. Be warned though, ports don’t get processed on a weekend or bank holidays and so it’s very likely going to be the end of the week before service is restored for you.

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Hi @Rebecca Wills, just checking in to see if you still need help with this?


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I have the same problem my calls and texts come from the new number even though I was reassured that the old number has transferred over by PAC code successfully. Unable to find help online and can't find live chat options anywhere. Can anyone tell me how to physically speak to someone to resolve this issue otherwise I am raising a complaint about this

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The iD help & support is 100% online @Lindi Lou - there’s no telephone support.

To get this sorted quickly, use the iD Live Chat service.

If online chat doesn't work on your smartphone, try another device like a tablet, iPad or laptop and visit the online page

You can also chat with iD Mobile using facebook or Twitter.

The iD agents work between 9am - 8pm weekdays and 9am - 6pm weekends. Outside these times you’ll get an automated reply.

I hope iD get number port problem fixed. 

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Hi @Lindi Lou, just checking in to see if you managed to get this sorted?


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