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  • 3 September 2020
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Hi, my husband already has a contract with you which he set up recently and he wants to recommend me and my mom for 2 new iPhone 11 contracts. When he signed up it stated that there was either money back or discounts if you was to recommend people. Can you help me with this please as we both want to take out contracts ASAP. Thank you

3 replies

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Hi @Em Esme,


We’re glad to hear you’re interested in joining iD.


Do you know where it was stated about potential cashback or discounts for friend referral? It’s not something I’m aware of you see. 





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It stated it when he was setting up the contract on the website, but now we don't know how to do it. It was something like the person who recommends the person gets something and so does the person taking it out. 

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Hi @Em Esme, are you sure you took the deal out directly with us, and not through a retailer like or Carphone Warehouse? We don’t run a promotion like this centrally, so it sounds like you may need to contact the original retailer.


Thank you,