• 23 June 2021
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My first bill was due on the 21st by DD, however it never went out of my account, when I logged onto my ID account it stated that my bill was due to be paid and to pay it, I paid it manually. Now this morning the DD has gone out of my account, can I u get this refunded back to me?

2 replies

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It’s normal for a direct debit to be taken on or just after the due date and you shouldn’t make any manual payments unless requested to do so. Anyway, the manual payment won’t have been lost, your ID mobile account will be in credit by the amount paid and will be deducted from your next bill. 🙂

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Hi @Jodie lee 

As @WelshPaul  has advised, you do not need to make a manual payment unless you have received a message asking to do this. We understand you have now made 2 payments for the same bill, you can leave this as this will be detucted from your next bill or we can refund you. Please let us know if you require a refund and we will be more than happy to get that arrranged for you.