The phone number that shows when I text or phone someone?

  • 26 November 2018
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An anyone tell me how to resolve this. I ported over to I’d a month or so back using the pac code I took my number with me from my previous provider. If I phone someone or they call me no problem. But....when I text someone they get the temporal phone number that I got originally with the I’d sim. Therefore anyone that I text doesn’t know it’s me, how can I fix this ?

1 reply

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Hi thank you for joining the community, I hope I can help.

Have you power cycled your mobile since the port a month ago?

You are required to restart the phone (switch it off and back on)
power cycle the mobile at least once or twice so all services are updated.

Long shot but are you using an iPhone?
If you are iMessages could be stuck, try stopping it and then starting the service again.
Re registering iMessages may kick start the service check and obtain the correct number.