what is my number

  • 12 June 2021
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I have a phone number that I don't use anymore but I don't know the number or have the SIM.

Can you help me find the number?



3 replies

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Hello @NigelKwc 


You can find your number on the email that you used to purchase your SIM. Search for "Welcome to iD" email in your inbox. As example, email will look like screenshot below and number will be where red lines are.


I hope it helps.

Kind Regards


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Interesting @Gregor, I had no such email when I ordered a SIM only plan on 30/05/2021.


I had a “Thank You For Your Order Email” email on the 30th, and then on the 31st I had a “Order Complete - REF: xxxxxxxxx” email which contained the following:

Great news! Your order's now on its way.

SIM only and Pay As You Go orders are sent via Royal Mail first class. It will arrive within 3 working days.

Pay Monthly Phone plans or SIM Free orders will be dispatched using DPD. They will contact you with your order tracking information shortly.

If your Pay Monthly Phone plan comes bundled with an additional tech treat, you'll receive it in the post along with your new phone and SIM card. If your plan comes with Apple TV+ or Samsung Cashback, you can find out how to redeem it here.

We'll send you a welcome email in the next few days with some useful information, about getting started with iD, including how to keep your mobile number and how to get the most out of your plan with the iD Mobile app.

Switching to iD?

If you gave us your PAC or STAC when you purchased your iD plan we'll submit them as soon as you pop your SIM in your phone and connect to the network. You'll then switch to iD on the next working day.

Switching like this saves you money, because it stops you being charged for your old and new contract at the same time. And it's not too late if you haven't done this already! Read this to find out how to switch to iD and stop being charged for your old contract within one working day.

We hope you enjoy your new plan. Thanks for choosing iD.

The iD Mobile Team


No other emails other than from the community and yes, I checked my spam folder.


@NigelKwc if you didn’t or don’t have the email containing your phone number, try speaking to live chat here: https://www.idmobile.co.uk/live-chat


When asked to enter your phone number, just enter 07000000000 and hopefully the agent will be able to assist you in tracking down your account/phone number.

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Hey @WelshPaul 


Currently "Welcome to iD" email looks a bit different. I have ordered you SIM from them on 5th of May this year as well and I have received email with a title "Welcome to iD. Let's get you started" and they have listed there my account number, customer service PIN Number and my mobile phone number. Double check your inbox and you should have email like that as well. 


Kind Regards