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On wedenesday 22/7/20 wifi calling stopped working on two samsung galaxy A20e phones. Started working again this morning 23/7/20. I live in Essex.

Did anyone else have similar problems?

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Hi there @Dave l 

Was this at home you noticed this?

Did you notice any other issues with your home internet?  Have you restarted your router in the past 24 hours?

I have 2 samsung a20e where the wifi calling facility has gone. The router has been powered off several times. I have even completed a factory reset on my phone, but still nothing happens. Without wifi calling at home our smartphones are useless. The previous broadband provider (Now tv) did not cause any problems. I have just changed to Plusnet fast fibre. All my streaming devices at home work without any problem. Any ideas.

Im the same. Wifi calling stopped working yesterday. I have reset router, reset network settings but still nothing. 

Im using Samsung s20 ultra

I will go to a car phone warehouse store tomorrow to see if they can help.

I see three have been having a lot of issues. I wonder is it connected as we share their network

Any ideas when it will be sorted.

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Hi @Dave l, we’re aware that we had some issues with an outage yesterday that has since been rectified. If you turn your handset off and on again, it should resume normal service.



Yes,  mine has started working again

Now working.Thanks


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@Dave l ,


Great to hear that this is resolved.

Please let us know if you require any further assistance.