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  • 15 June 2019
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I updated my previous monthly pay as you go £5/month contract (most recent monthly period is 06 Jun to 05 Jul 19) on 09 Jun to the £25/month. Why then is my next bill for £42.60?

The bill comprises: £42.60 in pro-rated line rental. I do not have any out of plan charges.

I thought the bill should be prorated, and surely less than £25?

Also, it is impossible to get through to customer support. I am thinking of quitting iD because of the lack of customer service.

1 reply

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Hi reversesmith,

If you changed plan mid month then when your new bill is produced, you'll be charged in advance at the rate of £25/ month and also, for the time prior to your billing date since the plan change was completed.

This could be up to 1 month making your new bill between £25-£50 in total.
There will also be a refund for the time when you've paid in advance for the £5/month plan but this has been replaced with the £25/month plan.