charged for udelivered sim

  • 8 August 2020
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I purchased a new SIM a few months ago and it was never delivered therefore never activated. 


A week ago I noticed I was being charged monthly for my unactivated sim. After two conversations via the chat one being over an hour long, nothing was resolved. I then received an email saying I would not be refunded this money. 


I then asked to make a complaint. A very rude lady called and also said I would not be funded for the service that wasn't provided. So I asked tocto my sim ,s said I could only cancel the SIM if I also cancelled my complaint!?

Not too sure where to go from here? 

3 replies

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We’re incredibly sorry to hear of this Lucy.

When was it someone spoke to you by phone?  Was this someone on the Carphone Warehouse side?

All SIM’s we sell would be active for the day it arrives, so it’s never a case of them being activated at a later date to get things going.  Though we’ll send you a private message here so that we can get that cancelled for you.  If you could respond there, we’ll take it from there.

Hi Kevin, 

No this was someone from IDMobile’s complaints department. After this terrible customer service, I spoke to someone from Carphone Warehouse who was extremely helpful and told me to message on here, and that you would certainly provide a refund for an unused sim? I hope this is the case!







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Hi @Lucy91,

I can see that you have responded to our PM and we will get back to you on there.