I hardly ever use data so how can I have hit my monthly cap?

  • 8 May 2019
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I seldom use my data. I carry over most of my monthly plan. But I tried to use it earlier today and was getting no connection. When I checked it out, my entire data plan (1 full month plus the remainder of last month's) has been used and I have been charged for data up to my monthly cap. I have top-end Virgin Media broadband at home. I have all the music I would like to listen to stored on my phone. I am disabled and at home all day most days, and when I am out and about, most everywhere I go has free wifi. If I do use data, it is for casual browsing, email etc. So how can this have happened?

1 reply

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Hi @MichaelM,

We see this sort of thing happen whenever a phone has carried out software and app updates off-WiFi. Also, sometimes you may not realise that your phone is not connected to your home WiFi network, especially when coming home from work etc or if your router has lost connection temporarily; these two have happened to me a few times.

One thing you could check is the Data Usage section within the settings of your phone. This is a good tool which shows your recent usage of data, itemised by app.