Itemised billing not showing on bill

  • 13 December 2018
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My bill does not show what numbers I have called or texted. How do I get this as I need itemised billing. Thanks

1 reply

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Hello @Afia120,

Is this your first bill?

If you've just joined us, then your first bill won't show any itemised billing on it.
This is because usage is calculated for the month and added on to following bills.

So if you joined in November and your first bill was produced then, you'll just see line rental on that bill.
All the calls, texts, data you make/use in this time will be recorded and then when your December bill comes out, it'll be added to there.

So December usage is put on January's bill
January's usage is put on February's bill

And so on..

If you've been with us for some time and have all of a sudden stopped receiving itemised bills, please let us know here as this should not be the case.