My bill is higher this month, why?

  • 18 July 2019
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I got charged more than my monthly bill it
Should be 15.99 every week but you charged me 21. 65 wyh????

6 replies

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Hi @Anjurai

I assume you meant every month instead of every week. :-)

Did you by any chance called premium number or made international call? Premium numbers start at 09, 084, 087, 070, 076. They will be charged outside of your free allowance.

You can check history of extra charges in your Account using Web Browser or in your App under "Bill" section.

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Yes sorry I meant every mohnt and I don't use my I'd sim.
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Did you register account with iD when you got your card though? If you did you can check there why iD charged you extra. If you didn't register then you would need to contact Live Chat team or call them to check as they will need to access your account to see why did charge occured. You can find contact details on

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I have loved in and I can't find any reason because my bill statement shows everything 00.
Sorry logged in
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Hello @Anjurai Anjurai, you'll need to open the bill to view the itemised bill.

As all bills are itemised, you'll find a breakdown of the charges that are on here.

You can see this here: