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  • 21 August 2019
  • 5 replies

Im finding it to expensive so what can I do please

5 replies

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Hey @Janeyyooboo

Are you on a SIM only contract or you got the phone as well?

You could maybe check in your iD Mobile if you can change to the lower plan so you could pay little less.

You will find this option under My Account -> Manage my plan -> change my plan.

If you are using SIM Only deal you can change to as low as £5-6 pounds. If you have phone taken with it as well you might be already on the lowest plan but still worth to check.

Kind Regards

my bill Wass 85 Pounds Dont Know Why

Bill Usualy 10 39 July Bill Over 100 Pounds

Can Someone Call Me Back

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Hello @Jill. Caunter 

Have you checked your recent bill, as any charges will be listed?

The below link will help you understand your bill:



iD Mobile 


Why iD Mobile?