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cancelling data roaming charge

  • 29 May 2022
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I had a £24.09 data charge added to my account on Friday 27th May. I was in the UK and boarded a ferry which I’ve since found had a Skybridge satellite on it. My phone automatically connected to it, I didn’t proactively use it but must have received a WhatsApp message. 

The next day, having received a cap limit alert at 2:10am, I looked into it using the onboard WiFi.  I realise the boat has a Skybridge mast and my phone had automatically connected to it. I immediately activated aeroplane mode.


what are my chances/how do I go about getting the fee cancelled? 

many thanks 



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Hey @Caz6, it sounds like you’ve actually connected to the maritime network here.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to refund the charge as it’s valid. I can only recommend lowering your bill cap or enabling flight mode next time you board a ferry or go out to sea.


Thank you,


Thanks yes, I think I did. Such an easy mistake to make in the melle of boarding. I’ve diarised to reduce my cap before I return to prevent a reoccurrence


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