Change my direct debit details

  • 3 March 2021
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My id mobile billing is under my mums account however, I would like to change the debit details to my account so I can pay for my phone monthly is that possible? 


7 replies

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Hi @PhoebeKapp24 

You can change the direct debit details through the iD Mobile app. Your mother will need to log into the account registered to your mobile number and then change the direct debit details through there. Please let us know how you get on.





I’ve downloaded the app and I’m already logged in but every time I press edit debit details it lets me type in my account number and sort code by won’t let me change the account name. How would I do this? 

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Hi @PhoebeKapp24 

When you get to the stage where it asks you to enter the account number and sort code, have you tried putting in your details to see if it accepts the account details?


Yes, I typed my details in but won’t let me change the account name and when I click save it says something along the lines of not being able to change it or try again later. 

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Okay @PhoebeKapp24 

We are sorry to hear you were unable to add your card to the direct debit section on the iD app. We can only advise making manual payments through the new card. You can do this by calling 7777 from your iD phone, or 0333 003 7777 from a landline or other mobile. (Charges may vary)

Option 1
Check your allowances, check your spend limit and check your unbilled charges

Option 2
Hear your balance, make a payment





I want to change my direct debit bank details.  Moving from a joint account to my personal account.  I have tried to do this both on the app and via my account the website on my computer.  It allows me to type in my new details but won’t save them.  On both devices it says ‘whoops there’s a problem’.  I have logged out of my account on both devices and it still does the same.  Feels like this is a glitch on your system.


I have tried speaking your bots - totally unhelpful system in this case.


I can’t seem to get through to speaking to a human! I tried calling customer services - but just got directed back online!!!


 This is a simple change that i want to make. Appalling that i have had to spend so much time on this already!!!


Please can someone help!!! Or give me a phone number that will allow me to speak to a human.




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Hello @belabambina,

This isn’t something we can do from our end via the Community as we won’t take bank details here.

You can however, call our Voicemail Team on:

By Phone

You can leave us a message by calling our voicemail line and a member of the team will contact you back within 5 days.

Call us on 0800 049 2402 and provide the below information in your voicemail:

  • Your full name
  • Your iD mobile number
  • Details of your complaint
  • What you would like us to do to put things right
  • The best number for us to call you back on

Do not leave any credit or debit card information in your message.

The voicemail you leave will only be used to help us resolve your complaint and if you want more information about how your data is used, you can read our Privacy Policy.

Please allow 5 days for us to contact you before contacting us again. If it will take longer than 5 days to resolve, we will still contact you within that time to keep you informed of progress.


Someone will call you back and should be able to help sort this.

Whilst the time-frames are 5-days, the Team are usually completing callbacks within 24-48 hours in most cases.


You can also try our Live Chat who may be able to do this.