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  • 29 April 2021
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My contract ended in Nov 2020, the final bill was not taken leaving a small outstanding balance. Subsequently 3 late payments have been added to my credit score.  I was not informed when these payments were missed, i assumed the account was closed until yesterday when i found the discrepancy.  How do i get id/ carphone warehouse to remove these from my history? 


7 replies

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Hi @Adepalm2021,


Do you mind if I ask how it was you went about cancelling the line sorry?



It was done via live chat as that seems the only way to have contact.  It would seem the DD was cancelled but not by myself so something to watch for as it has caused no end of problems now

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Hello @Adepalm2021,

What we’ll do is send you a PM so we can take a look at the account.

We’ll need to do this so we can understand what amount the credit file mark was applied for and the dates of this etc.




Hi, i haven’t received the PM yet

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Hi @Adepalm2021 

My colleague @Mohammed  did send you a PM on 02/05/21. To view the message sent, simply click on your Community Profile icon and select Private Messages.


I dont have any private messages🤷🏻‍♂️



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Hi @Adepalm2021,

That is strange because we can see it was sent to you almost a month ago. Do you see a private message section within your account? You may also need to set your account to allow people who you do not follow to message you. Alternatively, please follow @iD Support and the message may then appear.

We’ve sent the message again too.