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Undelivered Messages to 65130

  • 25 December 2018
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I recently received an sms from a fraud protection number (65 130), but my answers are undelivered. I tried varying my cap limit, as well as resetting the premium feature in the ID app, but still have not been able to reach them. Please add this number to your “allowed numbers,” as I must get back to it.

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Welcome to the ID Community,

Are you sure this is a real text message? Most scams start out by that acting as your bank or finance institution/fraud company to gain more information from you, legitimate organisations like your bank will never ask you to reply to a text!!!! Any telephone numbers in a text will always be false never call these either.

Most banking texts are for information only, if you are concerned about a recent text or call get in touch with your bank with the number on your banking card to confirm the message is genuine.

When I was dealing with the Natwest fraud department it was all dealt with via phone calls not text.

If you could supply some more information without giving any personal details away about the incident it might give us more insight, thank you.

Hang on Barclays might have a silly system in place for transaction warnings by where you need to reply, what if you are unable to reply what's the back up plan Barclays?????
If you can not reply to the message call Barclays Fraud Office, inform them of this and, at the same time, you can confirm or decline the transaction about which they contacted you.

Turning on the premium feature and increasing your cap from £0.00 should allow you to text back!!! However turning your mobile off and back on might reset the network and get it working
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Hello @asenfilkov,

Can you try powering down your handset for up to 10 minutes and powering back up so the network settings can be retrieved?

If this doesn't work, let us know as we'll need to see if the number 65130 is on the list of allowed numbers or not.

Barclays send you a text to ask if you certain transactions are yours. It’s a simple Y and N text. Anyway, they called me afterwards because I hadn’t responded. So I guess you can added it in case other customers experience something like that. Not sure it would be the same number for them though.
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Hi asenfilkov
We'll look into this for you, thank you for the extra information.



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