NOW CLOSED - Competition Day 1 – 3rd December 2018 - Nintendo Switch

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🙂 😉 x) ?) :(

Sorry having difficult have never done emojis before . proving difficult
It’s day 1 of our 5-day Christmas giveaway!

We’re feeling generous this Christmas. So for the next 5 days, we’re giving you the chance to win a selection of tech-tastic prizes everyday – with a new winner announced daily!

We’ll kick this off with an easy one - for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch, reply on this blog post with your current 5 most used emojis!

Here’s ours: 😂😈🍕✨😍

You've got until 23.59 on the 3rd December to enter, and we will announce the winner the very next day!

Don’t worry if you aren’t today’s winner as we’ll have a new competition every day this week, so you've plenty more chances to win!

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My favourite emojis are 😂😯😴😍🙈
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Congratulations @candise382! You've been selected as the winner of our Day 1 Nintendo Switch Christmas Giveaway! 😀

We’ll email you via the address you used to log into the Community to confirm your win. Please make sure you respond to that within 7 days to confirm acceptance. Congratulations again, and thanks to all those who entered! 👍

Don't forget, there are more opportunities for you to win some festive freebies this week! Today's competition can be found here, where you have the chance of winning a set of Beats headphones!
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There is just one more chance for you to win big in this years 5 days of Christmas Giveaways, with today's prize being an Apple iPad!

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