cancelling sim only.

  • 26 March 2020
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Sim doesn't work in any phone. Second sent still not working. Cant log in to account.  Total waste of time. 

4 replies

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Hey @Neogers,


Sorry to hear that.


Which handset are you using the SIM in?

Have you tested the SIM in a different handset?


Replacement SIMs would need to be activated first before use, so the second SIM may be inactive.


Our network only supports 3G minimum so if the device is 2G only, then it will not work.




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Thanks. I tried another handet with no success. Unable to log in my account. It does recognise my email despite it being the one I recieved email to from ID. ..Completely understand the helpline being closedbut means my only option is to cancel as this sim was urgent for work. ...already waste a week waiting for the second sim. 

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Hi @Neogers


Sorry to hear about the issues you’re facing, getting your iD Mobile SIM up and running. 


Here’s a link to the information on how to end your iD Mobile plan. 


Both the PAC and STAC route, will require you to have a SIM from another network ready for your to transfer over to, but in the long run this may save you money as your iD plan will disconnect as soon as you’ve switched over to the other network.


If you’re still within your returns period (30-days) if you purchased from iD Mobile direct, or 14 days if you purchased from Carphone Warehouse, then email  and they’ll assist you in processing your return. 


Hope this helps. 



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Hello @Neogers,


The iD account needs to be registered first before it can be used so it won’t always be the email you receive contact from us which is the log-in.


If you email us we’ll be able to look into this.


Please include a link to this topic and your username Neogers in the email.