Charged but cancelled contract

  • 31 May 2019
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having returned the phone unused and not activated I was surprised to find I had been charged. The sales people told me it was totally cancelled and nothing more had to b done. I then cancelled my dd and now receive emails telling me I cancelled my dd and I shouldn’t have done so.
Have tried to call- no answer, live chat- all are busy. Ideas please

6 replies

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Good day @Arch

How long ago was it you had returned your phone?
Did you receive a DPD label to send this back to our main warehouse tracked?

It can usually take a few days for everything to be updated and processed regarding phone returns, so it might not be a cause to worry yet if this was only sent back to us a couple of days ago or so.
I returned the phone to carphone warehouse where I got the contract from unopened and unused (they didn’t want the SIM card also unopened) and I was charged £8 on the bill even though some money was credited to me.
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Hi Arch, if you've received a credit on the bill then it's likely the return and disconnection has been completed.

The charge showing on the bill will be for the time the account was active.
If you need help to verify this, please email us on with the account details.

It’s still on my to do list but I will get it sorted and update on here what happens
i just don’t understand if u have a 14 /30 day cooling off period why u should b charged at all!!
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Hi @Arch,

If something has been returned within the cooling off period of 14-days, then there would usually be no charge to pay unless the service has been used excessively resulting in additional charges on the bill etc.

That was my understanding at the time and the phone was never even used
thanks it’s moving up the todo list with all these helpful hints