My question has been closed un answered. Please continue until question is resolved in terms of contract canceled

Re this answer from Ryan where he closed my question - Please open the question again as the link does not work. Please don’t close the question until It’s concluded.    Hi Ross,  We’re sorry to hear about that. The quickest way to cancel your plan is by logging into your account online or through our app to request a cancellation of your plan. Alternatively, you can contact our Live Chat Team here to request a cancellation, they can also note your complaint too. Please let us know if you have any trouble with using this service.  Thanks, Ryan    

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Hi @Ross Bennet


What happened when you tried to cancel through your account?




I can’t try to cancel as I -

Can’t speak time anyone by phone.

Can’t access the account as that needs a code which is sent to a phone that’s not been used in ages and not even in my mums possession now.

The link given in the answer does not work.

At my wits end.

I have never complained about anything in my life but have recorded all of the recent stuff and consulting g a lawyer and media if not sorted ASAP. 
I am sighted that the customer rights are being violated here.

I would really appreciate a manger calling me re this to sort. 
It was an elderly ladies phone paid for by her son, me. She never used, doesn’t know where it is, ID mobile records will demonstrate this and I am still being threatened with court action if I don’t pay the bill so I continue to do so as there is no way to cancel only ways to upgrade, pay the bill, etc.

Principles at stake so, apologies, not sorted, not happy and would like a manager to call simultaneously to the account being cancelled and me refunded for period phone has not been used. 
To direct me to an inactive link just isn’t professional. 
Apologies again and many thanks for getting back to me. 
My resolution requirements to prevent legal : media intervention are:

Cancel contract.

Reimbursement of monies paid whilst phone in used (after actual duration of contract concluded).

Contact from manager to engage and explain the situation. I appreciate there may be reasons I am unaware off but they need explained.

(Without any detriment to my statutory rights Scotland)


Ross Bennet



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Hi there @Ross Bennet 

We (nor would any other network) would cut a line once a contract period has come to an end as for a lot of people it’s incredibly important that they retain the mobile number they have, and have access to a phone network.

We would never be to know that an individual user is experiencing problems unless we’re made aware of said problems.  If you’ve been in contact with us for a while regarding some issues, and they’ve ultimately not been resolved after having been in touch with us through this time.  Then we’ll be able to look at reimbursing any bills in such a case.


It appears we’ve already reached out to you privately here to take some further details in order to help with the cancellation.  If you could respond to our messages there we’ll proceed to help further.


Thanks for your reply. 
I’m responding to every message I come across. The phone is presently disconnected according to the automated bill service.

I really appreciate your answering however, I just want the matter dealt with rather than days of ping pong messages. ID mobile has all the personal information asked to me.

Surely someone can just contact me directly on my own mobile which you have, 07982717813, discuss and deal.

I have never complained before but as senior/executive level manager have overseen hundreds and the case for complaint is overwhelming.

Respectfully, please just deal.




Open question for everyone whose had a poor service from this company - mines was inability to cancel an expired contract for my very elderly mothers phone which hasn’t been used in some time and we longer even have.

Thankfully I am the bill payer so threats of legal action cams through to me. I couldn’t get in touch with ID Mobile by phone, email, App, etc to cancel the contract. 

When engagement did start I was directed towards a link which does not work, asked to use a pin code sent to the phone which I had already said we don’t have given so long since last used etc etc. 

In short a frankly criminally fraudulent approach to the customer. I’ve never complained about anything in my life but I’ve overseen enough complaints to know the outcome here if independently investigated.

I encourage everyone with similar issues to progress them, ethically to a conclusion of your rights. 

The links below are a quick starter for anyone unable to utilise formal legal services. 





Further to the above a separate message has asked me to pay another £7.50 for disconnection which  I have done.

This being the case I will now, until, resolved by ID mobile senior management be pursuing this on your networks, social media, newspapers, lawyer and various other means.

The resolution is easy, management contact, apologise and re-emburse me.





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Hi @Ross Bennet,

I have moved one of your topics to this existing thread. We are currently in contact with you via Private Message so please may we request that you reply only to this post regarding your issue so we can keep everything in one place to offer you continued support? Thanks.


Hi Ryan,

I’ve paid the bill, so the contract must be terminated.

I am still awaiting a senior manager calling to apologise and explain how this business process came to be that customers, there are a good few, cannot cancel contracts after they have expired.

Please anticipate ongoing reposting on this page and many others with legal action to follow along with media coverage.

ID Mobile not cancelling old ladies phones doesn’t read very well to be fair.

I was honest, firm and upfront with my actions which will continue and escalate until such times as the manager contacts me and I am provided an apology and the re-imbursenent due as is my statutory and more so, ethical, right. 

It may indeed be the case I am not sighted on additional pressures due to ICT break down, Covid (which I have made allowance for), restructure, etc. I merely want the complaint investigated and my resolution expectation has been outlined.

The very documented term complaint means ID Mobile have a legal obligation to progress my grievance. 
Meantime, I need documented evidence I will not receive any more letters threatening legal action. 
Many thanks

Ross Bennet



Hi Ryan,

Can you please answer one question yourself. Has a manager even been advised of my complaint and circumstances?

That would be extremely useful in determining what is going on here. 
I don’t want to take up your or your colleagues time unnecessarily however, ethics are at play and I want a manager to call me XXXXXXX regarding this process and my circumstances. 
We are talking a £7.50 bill a month for a set period I am willing to negotiate a  re-imbursement period for.

However, as an ethical person this will not lie until a manager has called and had a polite conversation with me.

With regard to removing my post, I can easily just post elsewhere beyond your ICT gateway system where ID Mobile would be fully exposed for this level of service. 

Thanks Ryan.

Ross Bennet

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Hi Ross,


A manager isn’t aware of your complaint. As advised in my Private Message to you, you haven’t yet allowed us the opportunity to resolve your complaint. That would need to take place before we considered escalating this to a manager.

I’d encourage you to reply to the questions asked in the Private Message we sent. You see, the answers to those questions are required for us to move forward in bringing this matter to an end. Something I’m sure all parties here want.


Hope to hear back from you soon Ross so we an get to the bottom of all this,



Hi Will,

To the best of my belief I had answered all the questions. 
Please resend the questions and I will answer them directly.

Thanks for getting back to me.


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I’ve resent the last Private Message again to you @Ross Bennet.