• 17 November 2020
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How long does a refund take when processed? It’s been a week and still heard nothing

5 replies

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Hi there @LucySedge 

Refunds should take 3-5 working days at most in normal cases, if this is a card refund or a refund to your Bank Account you have your Direct Debit with.

Cheque refunds can take up to 30-days though.

Had you previously spoken to our Live Chat Team?


Thank you for getting back.

That’s what I had presumed, I got told my refund was processed the 10th so I did the live chat yesterday and was advised it can take up to 2 weeks!

Is this correct?

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What was the nature of the refund @LucySedge? Was it a cancelled order, or was it an over payment on line rental?



Hi, it was a cancelled order. I ordered and sorted to have the 12 Pro but cancelled on the 10th due to an issue with my current contract

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Hi @LucySedge,

Thanks for that. The refund should have gone back to you as a card refund by now as recently it has been taking up to 10-days to happen. Have you seen the money arrive by now?