4G data issues in certain locations

  • 20 February 2019
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Since switching to iD, I've noticed that there are certain locations where though my phone shows a good 4G signal, I don't seem to be able to use my data. Toggling to airplane mode or rebooting my phone doesn't appear to fix the issue, but setting my phone to only use 2G/3G resolves the problem.

The problem seems to be repeatable in set, but un-related locations. 4G works perfectly everywhere else.

Obviously one way to resolve this issue is to only use 3G or to switch when the issue occurs, but it would be nice not to need to do this, plus there are benefits in reach of 4G in indoor locations - anyone got any ideas on what the problem is or is this just an infrastructure issue?

The issue occurs om my Huawei P20 Pro (unbranded) and also on my wife's Huawei P10, who is also on iD. The Huawei P10 was previously on O2 and didn't have this issue in the same locations and I have a corporate phone which was originally on EE and now is on Vodaphone, again with no signs of 4G issues.

7 replies

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Hi @ally153

ID Mobile is using Three infrastructure to connect to a network. There might me some areas where 4G is being worked on therefore some issues may appear. I would recommend to check it here. Just input the postcode of the area where your issue appear to check if there good 4G connection, also it will tell if there is any ongoing maintenance. If there anything happening in the area, it will look like picture below.


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@Hikari, fair call, I checked the locations in question, both said they had good or very good service with no issues. I should also mention that in one of these locations the behaviour has been consistent for around 2 months, so I expect it to be unlikely to be some downtime while Three are working in that area.
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Are these locations indoor or outdoor?

In some indoor locations in my area I have not the best speed if at all.

Yours is really strange one though as your phone is this showing you good 4G connection.
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One was indoor, but the problem persisted when I went outdoor, the other, which I mentioned has been consistent for about 2 months is an outdoor location, there is another location close by that behaves the same which may or may not be sharing the same mast.

I tried google and fast.com in the indoor location, both weren't responding. I technically never checked the phone's reported data rate to see if it was literally 0 kbps or just a very low number. This location was in the centre of Glasgow where I'd expect the best overall coverage (the other is about 20+km out as the crow flys from city centre).
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Hey @ally153,

After reading through this conversation, it seems as though there could be a 4G data blackspot in the areas where you see this issue. It's a case whereby you have a connection to our 4G network, but the data access isn't present and this blackspot theory is backed up by the fact that the issue happens on two different phones so it's unlikely to be a device issue it seems.

We do hope that the issues are resolved in due course.

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Found another location in Glasgow where I don't appear to get internet when o 4G. I have reported the issue to Three via their website, but it has to be said, this is my biggest gripe with iD so far even if iD isn't directly responsible for the issue.

I got an iD contract not just for the rollback an value for money plans, but for how advanced the network was v.s. compentitors like Smarty, which don't support 4G calling or Wi-Fi calling - even O2 which I came from didn't support those features!

If I have to keep off of 4G because of patchy service then the 4G calling is out of the picture and if I'm on a Wi-Fi call and the Wi-Fi signal disappears, I have no 4G service to potentially hand over to - resulting in droped calls!

I hope Three are quick in patching up their service - I think one of the 'dead' spots in the middle of Glasgow is now fixed, but to find so many problem areas in less than 2 months when I never had issues with over 2 years with O2 isn't great!
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Hello @ally153,

We're sorry to hear of the issues you're facing with 4G Coverage in certain areas. Each network uses different masts for coverage. We're glad that 3G doesn't seem to be causing any issues here. Whilst 4G isn't a guaranteed service, we do indeed hope that Three UK can complete the necessary mast improvements/works to restore/improve the services at these locations.