No coverage in house although other phones using 3 work perfectly when side by side with mine

  • 8 September 2020
  • 5 replies

I have just switched to iD and am already contemplating leaving if this issue cannot be resolved.

My phone is showing as having no signal in the house, although other phones on the 3 network are working perfectly when placed alongside mine.

My phone is not one of those for which Wi-fi or 4G calling are available, but was on the list of phones that were compatible with iD.

5 replies

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Hi there @brattleboro 

Sorry for the late reply here.

Does your phone/ device support 3G at least?  As that would be a requirement in order to be able to connect to our network.

What phone is it you’re using with the iD SIM currently?

My phone is a Moto5GS Plus - it was on the list of compatible phones. The problem is worse if I switch to 4G (ie there is no signal at all). If on 3G I can just about get the slightest signal if I put the phone out of the window.

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Hi @brattleboro,


Have you tried your SIM card in one of the other phones in your house to see how it behaves? This would give us a clear indication if it’s a handset or SIM card issue.


please let us know how you get on.



Yes, I have tried it in my daughter’s mobile - she has a very simple ALBA brick phone. It was noting full signal when in the house.

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Hello @brattleboro,

This sounds like the handset may be impacted here if the other phone when using the iD SIM was displaying full coverage.

In this case, we’d recommend speaking to Motorola re: the faulty handset to see if they can advise.