PDP authentication failure / Coverage Issue - No Data

  • 9 September 2020
  • 3 replies

No data connection

3 replies

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We’re terribly sorry to hear that @Edwardflach

Are problems still apparent a couple of days later at this point?

Could we get your home postcode to look into any known issues that could be causing any sort of problems here?


It resolved before midnight, same day.

is this really the support system? You reply two days later, hoping things are okay?

Where is the direct support?

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On the iD Community side.  Generally speaking, we’re usually able to respond within 1 working day on here.

We had some issues on September 9th that was resolved on the same day.  It created an increase in the number of people we had to reply temporarily, the only reason to ask if things were still affecting you was because for most people things were resolved since they posted their original message.  Though we’d have been keen to help further here should that not have been the case.


We also have Live Chat available through our website here: