• 22 February 2021
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If someone rings my voicemail the message says "the number you have dialled has not been recognised. Please check the number and dial again"

I confirm that Voicemail is turned on.

How do I fix this or how can I report this to ID mobile.  An hour on the phone and on the internet has not found a way to report the fault or speak to a human



8 replies

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Hello @lynda0903,

I am sorry to hear about this. Have you recently ported your number over to us? Also, do you have another phone that you can pop the SIM card into to see if there could be a setting on the device stopping calls from being sent to voicemail? In regards to not being able to get in touch, you can also speak to our Live Chat Team here.


Hi Ryan

No, the number is not recently ported, the SIM was transferred to a new upgraded phone around early December and has

I have a second phone with an ID SIM so will swop them this evening and let you know what happens





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Hi @lynda0903 

Please try turning the voicemail off and then back on again. You can quite easily do this from within the iD App or account. You'll need to first register for an iD account if you haven't already done so by downloading the app or going to

Once registered and signed in, just head to My Services on the side menu and flick the switch for Voicemail off/on.

I've attached some pictures below, hope this helps!






Thanks Mohsin but I have tried that several times already with no result.




As suggested I swapped SIMS. The SIM from the phone with the problem (Samsung) was put into another phone and calls to it made from both a different ID SIM put in the original Samsung phone, as well as a third phone on the O2 network. 

In both cases the caller was identified correctly on the different phone with the problem sim, but when not answered, the caller got the unknown number message with no voicemail option offered.

On the basis of the test it seems that the voicemail option would not be available on any phone that the SIM is put in.

The Samsung phone with a different SIM did give the voicemail option when rung.

It seems that the problem is either the SIM or at ID's end but the Samsung phone can probably be ruled out. 



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Hi @lynda0903 

We will send you a Private Message and escalate this with our Tech team to see if they are able to help with this on their end. To view the message sent.  Simply click on your profile icon in the top right, then go to your private messages.



Problem solved.  The Tech team did get in touch but I solved the problem before they got around to looking at it. 

I found a discussion on this community regarding a similar problem.

The telephone number for call forwarding had changed. Several of the middle digits of the number were missing. Correcting the number solved the problem.

Just Like the other poster there was no reason for the number having changed, it just seemed to have happened, certainly I was unaware that the setting existed or where in the system it could be found



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Hello @lynda0903,

It’s different from each phone where the setting can be found but I’m pleased to hear you were able to solve this via another topic!