4g - no coverage

  • 7 April 2021
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I’ve not been able to get 4g for the last 5 days anywhere I go. I’ve tried switching my phone off and on and switching on and off flight mode as suggested. I’ve not been able to resolve this with the chat function as it keeps repeating itself. I am getting frustrated with this now. I’ve been with ID for a year with no issues till now. How can I resolve this ?

5 replies

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HI @Lizliz 

We are sorry to hear this. Please can you check in the Mobile Network settings on your phone that the ‘Network Mode’ option is showing LTE/3G/2G.

Please can you also provide us with your postcode so we can check the coverage in your area to see if there any issues causing the 4G not to work?



Hi, I have a similar issue. Not for the first time the 4g just doesn’t work at all. On an Apple I can’t find network mode?

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Hello @Ndywilder,

Which device are you using as there are several different Apple handsets.

Can you confirm your full postcode for us so we can check the coverage?




Hi Mohsin, 

thanks for your response but the problem seems to have resolved. Thankyou

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Fantastic @Lizliz,


Thanks for letting us know. Please do get back in touch if ever you need anything else.