My calls arent connecting

  • 1 September 2020
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I am on a SIM only contract. Unlimited calls & text messages. I changed over to this contract in July 2020. 
Over the past two days when I make a telephone call, the other persons phone rings but when they answer neither of us can hear anything nor speak. 

I can hear no ringing tone nor connection either.  Please could someone advise? 
Amanda Bailes

11 replies

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Hello @AmandaBailes,


Is this for all numbers or a specific number only?

What about if that person rings you?

Have you tried restarting the handset?



Tried switch on and off is my phone to blame or the network

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Hi there @Jeffreyc68 

How long have you been having whatever problems you’re facing?

Could you detail further the problems you’re facing?

Could we get your full postcode to look into any potential known issues that could be contributing here?


Hi I am trying to ring a specific number from my mobile. I rang it on Saturday fine but since then when I try I just get invalid number. I tried from my partners ID mobile phone and get the same. However my friend's can ring the number fine. 

I have tried to reboot my phone I have turned the Vol... off

I tried to remove the number from my phone and re adding it. 

Nothing works 

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If you tried calling the number from two different ID Mobile phones then the problem isn’t with your handset. 


Enter your postcode below and check for any known issues in your area:


What are the first five numbers of the phone number you're trying to call?

The number is XXXXXXXXXXit has to be the network everyone I know has been able to ring from other networks 

I had to get my friend to ring them for me and she got straight through

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I just tried calling it from my son’s ID mobile phone (pay monthly) and got a recorded message:

“The number you have called is not recognised. Please check the number and dial again.”


I can call it using my landline and Vodafone mobile phone.

So, the issue appears to be with ID Mobile. 

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Hi @Lozza0879,


Is the number just a standard residential landline? What error message are you receiving when you try to call it?


Do you know if the number is able to call you?



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The number is a landline, registered to a business and published on Google.


What error message are you receiving when you try to call it?


The error message can be found in my post just before yours @Will 


As per my previous posts, I have the same problem when calling it from my son’s ID Mobile phone. 

(No problem calling it from any other network or landline.)



Thank you for updating. They are a business so cannot request the call me

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Hi @Lozza0879,


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