No signal for the past 2 weeks


I have had an issue for the past 2 weeks with having no signal. When people phone me it rings out but I am getting no notifications of a missed call, so have no idea the call has happened. I'm also having issues with outgoing calls. I would appreciate some help with this ASAP as I have missed important work and personal calls due to this. 


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Hello @meabhmckeown 


Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your coverage and unable to make calls for the past 2 weeks.


Could you confirm the full postcode for me?

I can then check the masts in the area to find out what’s happening.



Hi Mohammed 

Thanks for getting back to me. 

Having issues both at home and work. The post codes are: BT11 9GE and BT9 7AA.

Kind Regards


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Hi @meabhmckeown,

Thank you for those Postcodes. You can edit them out of your message now if you like.

The first postcode (the BT11 one) shows good coverage outdoors but limited coverage indoors. We have planned work in the area so hopefully, this could improve the situation for you there.

The second postcode (BT9) shows good coverage indoors and outdoors however we have congestion on the network mast so this will cause some connectivity issues at present. 

If you can try to perform a manual network search whenever you face issues in the meantime, this may help reconnect your phone whilst these issues are present.