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When people call me we can't hear each other, but when I call them it works fine.

  • 9 April 2018
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I started with iD last tuesday but since I have set up voicemail, when people call me it doesnt have a dialling tone on their end, and when I pick up neither of us can hear each other. If I don't pick up it also doesn't go to voicemail. I turned voicemail off and it worked temporarily but now won't work again. I can call people and everything works fine but I am unable to answer any.

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Hi eam.alexander, that's an odd issue if you have no problem when making calls.

When you answer an incoming call, is there any sound on the line?
What happens when someone calls you but you don't answer, is there any message or tone?

Have you tried simple things like restarting your phone yet to see if this makes any difference?

Hi Phil,

When I answer there is no sound, just silence, and the same at their end. If I don't answer it just beeps, even when I had voicemail turned on it beeped rather than going to voicemail.

I have restarted and taken the SIM out and put it back in, neither worked.

Since I started with iD it has worked twice when people have called me, out of probably about 30 calls. I have had signal all of the times so I am unsure as to why it works a couple of times and not the others.
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Thanks eam.alexander, are you able to test the SIM in a different phone to see if this makes any difference?

If you redial on the call, are you able to hear as expected?

What phone are you using, you may also benefit from changing from 4G/3G in the call settings.


EDIT: Marking as resolved due to no contact for sometime.


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