'Out of stock' phone?

I've placed an order for the Samsung galaxy A71 and received an email saying it is out of stock. There were no suggestions that this was out of stock when ordering and currently shows that it is in stock on the website. Please could you advise?

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Hi @RuthJones 

Really sorry to hear this. 

I have sent you a private message with more details. 



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I have the same issue. I placed an order for the same phone and got an email saying is out off stock and my order was being processed and it said it's I don't hear anything in 24 hours to let them know. But I've heard nothing. What's going on ? 

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Exactly the same but a different phone, even now on the website it STILL says in stock? Little worried about this company with me entering my bank details. Got en email saying out of stock but due back shortly (no indication of time frame) and its processing, that was over 24 hours ago and not heard back since. 

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I spoke to customer services today via live chat. I asked us it going to be days or weeks. They said they didn't know lol 

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And this community is a complete waste of time too. No answers to a question I posted yesterday

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Not a good sign for potential customers is it! 

Has anybody had an update on this?


The same situation for me at the moment, the order was placed on May 5th, the website said that the item was in stock, so opted for the Silver. Payment went through fine, followed by an email 5 minutes afterward saying temporarily out of stock and we would be contacted as soon as it becomes available. Really?? :neutral_face:

Update from their sales dept, next shipment is 4-6-20 guaranteed reservations we'll see ! Hope this helps people waiting on the samsung A71 😁