Have been sent the wrong PAC code

I’m trying to change providers as the coverage in my area for ID is not good for me.

I’ve requested a PAC code but when I use it to try and change over it’s not accepted because it’s the wrong code.  It’s showing a Vodafone code (VUK) and not an ID one.  

The person I spoke to on the chat said it was the correct one and it’s always been VUK but I know from reading other peoples problems on here that it’s not. 

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The person you spoke to doesn't know how to do their job! A pac beginning with VUK is issued by Vodafone or one of their MVNO networks such as VOXI.


What PAC code do you get when you Text 'PAC' to 65075?

Thanks for replying!! I get the code  VUK25***1

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OK if you’re getting that when texting 'PAC' to 65075 something is broken at ID Mobile HQ!


Did you port in from Vodafone or a MVNO of theirs by any chance? I have seen a few posts on here where customers have complained about being given the PAC they used to port in with when trying to port out of ID Mobile.


You will need to speak to someone who has access to your account. Given that you tried live chat already and got nowhere I won’t point you in that direction! Sit tight and a community staff member will be along shortly and i’m sure you will get a better experience than you did using live chat. 👍

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Hi @mas123456789,


@WelshPaul is right on two counts, something isn’t quite right here, and we are indeed here to provide further support.


We’ll drop you a Private Message now to get you a functional PAC code as soon as possible.



Thank you @WelshPaul and @Will 


I tried again this morning on the chat for the 3rd time and the person I spoke to was really helpful and processed a return for me, which hadn’t been done before and then sent me over a correct PAC code so all sorted!!

Thank you very much for replying! Have a lovely weekend!